Bianca V

Lime Electric Scooters Launching in Sacramento

Sacramento is welcoming a new fleet of electric scooters! The Sacramento Bee shared that 250 Lime scooters were delivered around the city. Nearly twenty percent of those scooters will be placed in south and southeast Sacramento making the riding option available to more people! Unfortunately the...
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Get Ready for Underwater Thrills. It's Shark Week!

The underwater thrills are here for the 31st annual Shark Week !!! Basically it's an entire week dedicated to underwater suspense featuring one of the most feared sea creatures! Video of So Good You’ll Scream: Shark Week Starts Sunday, July 28! Good news is you don't have to go deep sea diving to...
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Ariana Grande Teases New Single 'Boyfriend'

Ariana Grande stayyys working! The pop queen is in the middle of her international Sweetener Tour , and still found the time to BLESS US with a new single AND a music video ! Boyfriend is scheduled to drop this Friday along with the visuals. The singer is teaming up with pop duo Social House , you...
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You can Pay More to Talk Less during your Uber Ride

Uber just made it that much easier to nap during your next ride. The ride service company took users' suggestions into account with its latest feature comfort rides . Apparently too many drivers were annoying riders with mindless conversations, and I'm not gonna lie I've been there myself!...
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Mia Amor & Bianca V take on NEW YORK

I had such an eventful weekend with my collegue Bianca V in NEW YORK. We attended the Women In Radio #Cocktails #Cupcakes & #Conversation event on Saturday Night. The panel featured some amazing women in radio persinalities, program directors, social media directors and more. The ladies on the...
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Kickin' It With Bianca V: DaniLeigh

Chatting it up with miss DaniLeigh as she kicks off her first tour. We talked about everything from her shiggy challenge to her sneakers, and of course her debut album! Video of Kickin' It With Bianca V : DaniLeigh
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