Mia Amor

6am -10am

“Mia Amor” is a Salvadorian-American on-air personality, voice-over pro and influencer. Born in El Salvador and raised in the Bay Area, Mia Amor has served as a voice to the Latin community throughout her entire career. Her passion lies being on-air and interacting with listeners on a daily basis through music and pop culture and in the community. Mia recently MC’d the Women’s March & March 4 Our Lives in San Jose. 

She’s mastered a wide range of formats  allowing her to be one of the most versatile radio personalities in the Radio game. She’s sassy but classy and excited to takeover mornings in Sacramento! When she’s not on air you can find her strolling through midtown, shopping at Arden Mall or Westfield Mall. Make sure you follow her on allll social media @miaamor143