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We believe in the power of 1Thing.

Our company’s 1Thing Sustainability Initiative promotes positive environmental practices and living. We know that if everyone did just 1Thing to improve the environment every day, our world would be a better place to live in for generations to come.

Arena achieves 'first-ever zero-waste' NBA All-Star Game

This was an environmental slam dunk. The State Farm Arena, home of the Atlanta Hawks, set an example for other venues when it hosted what it called the “first-ever zero-waste NBA All-Star Game.” Read more on Audacy.
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LEGO Replay recycles old blocks for kids and the planet

Don’t throw those old LEGO bricks away. The toy company is doing its part to provide kids with the beloved toys and reduce waste. Read more on Audacy.
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Ford and HP team up to turn 3D printer waste into recycled materials for cars

Ford and HP are joining forces to break ground in the auto industry by turning 3D printer waste, like powders, into new vehicle parts. The new materials are set to be installed first on the Super Duty F-250 trucks, creating zero waste.
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Why do we celebrate Earth Day?

This year marks Earth Day’s 51st anniversary. And while many will be celebrating the occasion, few people know about the history of the event. Learn about why we celebrate the holiday on Audacy.
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Earth Day 2021: Conservation International CEO explains how the pandemic has affected environmental efforts

The CEO of Conservation International, M. Sanjayan, spoke with Audacy about how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected environmental efforts and the impact it could have on conservation efforts around the world. Listen to the conversation here!
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Panera unveils new 'bread bowl bike' for Earth Day

Restaurant chain Panera Bread went viral recently after unveiling their new “bread bowl bike” for Earth Day. 30 lucky customers will go home with one of the limited edition bikes. They have a bread bowl in place of a basket.
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Going to Yosemite this summer? You'll need reservations to get in

Yosemite National Park’s reservation system, installed when the park opened during the height of the COVID-19 crisis last year, is back this summer as big crowds prepare the descend on the hallowed grounds.
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Starbucks trials reusable ‘borrow a cup’ program

Starbucks is testing out a “borrow a cup” program that will allow customers to order drinks with reusable cups. Read more about the trial on Audacy.
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National Park Week 2021: A day-by-day guide to celebrating America’s treasured lands

National Park Week 2021 falls on April 17-25. Find a day-by-day breakdown of suggested activities to celebrate the country’s treasured lands on RADIO.COM.
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5 tips to maintain zero-waste goals during the pandemic

There are plenty of ways you can still show your commitment to saving the planet even during the pandemic. Check out these tips to help you to reduce your carbon footprint and be zero-waste amid coronavirus.
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