SERVED FRESH!: Caleborate x Colors - "Clicquot Shower"

January 9, 2020

It has been a long time coming for California-bred Caleborate.

Since his 2015 debut Hella Good, the Sacramento-born emcee has been on a gradual climb that has earned him a relentless cult following around the world.

In a time where Northern California Hip Hop was seemingly losing its identity, Caleborate was creating a whole new angle one for the region - one that included the lost sound of laid back California soul, mixed with the energy of late-90's era Boom Bap.

Caleborate's acclaim has garnered fans from all over to catch the wave, and it got him an invite to the tastemaker grail Colors Studios, in Berlin.

A few months ago, he took to his Twitter to let the world know that there was a possibility it was on the way. And today we get to see its fruition.

Watch Caleborate perform "Clicquot Shower" at Colors Studios below.

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