You might have noticed these online..some are funny!

April 23, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has triggered a new wave of slang words all across the world. I'm sure you've heard people refer to covid-19 as "RONA" on IG, FB, TWiTTER...

See some other ones that might just make you laugh out loud....Courtesy of dailymailUK

Coronacation - forced time off work due to the virus 

Coronalusional - having delusional or strange thoughts due to pandemic

Covidiot - someone disobeying lockdown or self-isolation rules 

Covid-19(lbs) - weight gained during lockdown 

Corona Bae - the partner you are quarantining with  

Drivecation - holiday in parked motorhome 

Hamsterkaufing- stockpiling food like a hamster (German) 

Iso - isolation (Australian) 

Isobar - fridge well-stocked with alcohol to get through the pandemic 

Isodesk - home workplace

Morona - person behaving moronically during the pandemic  

Post-rona - when the pandemic is over 

The rona - another word for coronavirus

Quarantine and chill - chilling at home during the pandemic