Stephen A Smith "loves the kids," but that is making him catch some fade

Beloved sports personality posts picture of himself and cheerleaders - BUT THE CAPTION IS WHAT IS GETTING HIM CRITICISM

October 11, 2019
Mitchell Leff / Stringer

Did Stephen A Smith just come out as a creeper? Or are people just blowing up an innocent thing?

Here is what he posted:

Thanks Clemson for hosting us! --

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That's actually the edited version. The caption originally said: “Stevie-A loves the kids. He sure does :).”

So let's look at it just a little. 

The girls in the picture are in college, so technically they aren't kids. Stephen A does always say "Stevie A loves the kids" as almost a branded tag line. And its not like he is doing anything innappropriate in the picture. (So I can't call it). 

But “Stevie-A loves the kids. He sure does :).” does seem a little out of context for this one. 

Regardless, people on social media caught it, and Stevie A is catchin' a little fade for it. And though the caption was changed shortly after, it was still enough time for people to react. 

That's just one. But there is more to be said at sites such as and I always watch ESPN and especially his show, First Take, and eveything seemed fine today. Let's see if Monday is any diiferent.