Jordyn Woods does a video for Ray J

Ray J videos have a way of getting Kardashian-related fame

June 26, 2019
Randy Shropshire - Stringer

Arguably, Ray J kickstarted the Kardashians towards the fame they have now.  

I remember hearing about the sex tape he had with Kim Kardashian in the mid-2000s and literally asking "who?"

Here we are now and Kim and her entire family, including the ones married into (Kanye), are exponentially more famous than Ray J. Even Kardashian associates have fame - enter: Jordyn Woods. Jordyn is notorious for being the Kardashian bff and then ultimately (and very publicly) betraying them with indescretions with Chloe's husband, Tristan Thompson.

Ironically, Woods just appeared in a video for Ray J that is sparked some gossip. (Calm down...I said FOR Ray J, not WITH him). She appeared in a promo video for Ray J's headphone brand, wearing his headphones. The obvious response by media is that she was being petty and taking shots at the Kardishians by being in association with the man infamous for his history with the family. 

But Woods says otherwise and that she has no bad intentions for any of the Kardashians; which is supported by how much she has done on her own since the scandal with Tristan Thompson that ended her relationship with the Kardashians. In fact, she is among a dozen or so celebrities that appeared in fore mentioned promo video for RayCon Headphones - which you can see below.