Sacramento police to begin enforcing coronavirus stay at home orders

April 15, 2020
Traffic Cop

Getty-Stephen Barnes


Almost 1 month after Sacramento's Public Health Order was put into effect on March 20th demanding that people stay at home except for essential activities (grocery shopping, essential work activities, etc.), Sacramento law enforcement officials have announced they will begin taking action against people who violate the order.  

Violations are considered a misdemeanor that can result in up to 90 days in jail, and a fine between $50 and $1000.  While California has mostly been praised with the public's response to the stay-at-home orders resulting a lower peak than expected, many people have not only been violating the order, but doing so in blatant and dangerous ways, such was the case over the weekend with the sideshow in South Sacramento that with over 150 cars involved and 300 people in the crowd.    For more information: Click Here