Bianca V Shares some Beauty Hacks while Staying at Home

Quarantine with Bianca V!

April 20, 2020
Bianca V's Breakdown: Lifestyle/Society/Cultural

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During this time we're all trying to be extra cautious. 

We're finding new ways to protect ourselves against the Coronavirus outbreak. Whether it be staying at home, wearing a mask in public or constantly washing our hands. 

Although we're in the middle of a pandemic, it's still socially acceptable to wear makeup. In fact doing your makeup in the morning could be good for your mental health. Several experts are recommending that people keep up a routine at this time to help aid a sense of normalcy. Read more about mental health while staying at home HERE

Bianca V is sharing some quick makeup hacks that could save you a trip to the store! Whether you've run out of your blush or you're avoiding wearing false lashes at this time. She's got you covered with a quick makeup tutorial that is perfect while running errands or hopping on a zoom call with your coworkers.