Woman finds live snake hiding on shelf of baked beans

April 27, 2021

Photo credit Getty Images


Diane Dupre of Apex, North Carolina was shopping for some baked beans at her local Target when she thought someone was trying to pull a fast one on her with a fake snake sitting on the shelf.

Dupre told WRAL, "I thought it was a child’s toy, so I thought, 'oh my goodness someone is pranking me, where’s the camera this is a joke,' because it was totally still."

While she believed the snake was fake, Dupre went ahead and reached to grab a can of beans. And that's when she saw its tongue flicker.

She said, "As I zoomed in, I was going to take a photo, the tongue came out and that’s how I knew this is a real snake. I looked up and down the aisle and I was calmly freaking out. See, he’s slithering, oh my gosh I can’t even look at this. I’m telling the men to hurry.”

Luckily, the snake appeared to be a Black Rat Snake, which is not one of the six venomous snakes native to North Carolina. In fact, N.C. State Professor Gregory Lewbart said they are harmless, and he wasn't surprised one ended up in a Target, saying they find these snakes in the vet school all the time.

He said, "These snakes are out of hibernation they’re moving around they’re looking for food, they might be looking for mates."

Target employees were able to quickly and safely gather the snake before releasing it back outside. A spokesperson for the store said that the area the snake was found was quickly disinfected, and they are planning to bring in a pest control company to do a thorough sweep of the store.

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