Netflix and Headspace series shows you can't 'binge' sleep

The new series begins streaming on Netflix today

April 28, 2021

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Eve Lewis Prieto, the director of meditation at Headspace believes, “we take sleep for granted.” Which is why the app has paired up with Netflix for a new series about a more aware and mindful way to rest and sleep.

Prieto adds, “a third of adults have problems either going to sleep or waking up in the night, and I think a lot of that is driven by the stress and anxiety we experience in our day."

Prieto started at a stressful advertising job but left the industry to work for Headspace and develop a robust meditation program via the app. Over the years the perception around meditation has changed, particularly with research demonstrating how it benefits mood, productivity and sleep.

She shares, “There is now growing research to show that practicing meditation and mindfulness in the day not only helps us with stress during the day but when we go to bed at night.” She adds, “At night it can feel like our problems are magnified, and our body's response to stress is releasing cortisol and adrenaline. People’s stress and anxiety this year has just skyrocketed and it’s had a huge impact on our sleep."

Prieto narrates the seven-part Netflix series. Each episode is 15-minutes long and debunks sleep myths while also ending with a “wind-down” routine. The series is meant to be entertainment, comfort, a choose-your-own adventure, and most importantly content that will help viewers sleep peacefully.

Headspace Guide to Sleep is on Netflix now.

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