Just filed your taxes? You could be getting a bonus stimulus

April 23, 2021

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Many Americans have received their third stimulus checks. But if you just recently filed your 2020 taxes, you may be eligible for a bonus payment, according to the Internal Revenue Service.

On Thursday, the agency announced that 161 million Americans have received direct payments of $1,400, reports CNBC. These were the third stimulus checks sent during the pandemic which were authorized under March’s American Rescue Plan.

But if you recently filed your taxes, you may be one of 700,000 Americans who will receive extra money in the form of what the IRS calls “plus-up” payments.

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If you received your third stimulus payment before filing your 2020 taxes, the IRS likely determined your eligibility based on your 2019 filing.

However, if you made less last year due to COVID-19, the organization may send out a larger payment that you are entitled to.

According to Yahoo! News, other individuals who may be eligible for “plus-ups” include:

—Married couples who filed their 2020 tax returns jointly with a new child or dependent

—Newly married couples who filed separately in 2019 but jointly in 2020 with combined incomes under $150,000

—Individuals who used a nonfiler tool to claim their first stimulus checks because they didn’t need to file 2019 taxes

—Veterans not required to file 2019 taxes, but did file 2020 taxes, and receive disability compensation from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Beyond these “bonus” payments, it is up in the air whether lawmakers will consider a fourth stimulus check. Some experts believe it is unlikely, as officials look ahead to reopening the economy after a year of shutdowns triggered by COVID-19.

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