WATCH: Misbehaving goats safely butt heads after owner covers their horns with pool noodles

January 31, 2021

How do you keep your goats safe when they butt heads? You use pool noodles.

After seeing his goats constantly get into altercations, owner Daniel Lasher, from Lorena Texas, got crafty with the swimming contraption and used it to settle some goat disputes.

In the video, which has gone viral on social media, his goats, Jimin and Yoghurt, can be seen butting horns. However, neither is at risk of getting hurt thanks to the foam noodles.

Yoghurt, a white goat, is wearing pink headgear, while Jimin, the black goat, is sporting the blue protection.

Yoghurt seems to instigate the fight as she jumps up onto her hind legs, tilts her horns at Jimin, and plunges towards him a few times. Eventually, Jimin retaliates.

As the noodles soften the blows, neither seems willing to give up and continue clashing.

According to the Daily Mail, Lasher explains that he took Jimin from a friend after the goat’s mother died. He purchased Yoghurt as a friend for Jimin.

However, since Yoghurt is older, she keeps attempting to assert dominance, which gave him the colorful idea.

He explains that when he puts the noodles on, the goats “seem to feel more boisterous and playful.”

The behavior isn’t out of the ordinary. The outlet notes young goats turn to headbutting to play whereas older goats aim to establish dominance.

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